Most businesses can benefit from our directory advertising services.

  • Do you own and/or operate a business in at least 3 states?
  • Do you manufacturer and/or distribute a product/service through a regional or national network of independent dealers?
  • Are you a small business tired of spending too much on yellow pages who needs an impartial consultant to help you buy the ad you need instead of what their sales manager wants them to sell?

We specialize in developing high-impact directory advertising programs for businesses of all sizes and we make use of the Local Search Association's ELITE ordering system for our National Yellow Pages clients. Our staff of dedicated and experienced professionals ensures that our clients benefit from having cost-effective and consistent directory advertising programs. Xxela has the experience and know-how to handle anything from large dealer programs to smaller, localized programs with a consistent focus on customer service.

To qualify for placement as a National Yellow Pages client,
your advertising must meet these 4 minimum publisher requirements:

  • 20 Directories
  • 2 Publishers (such as BellSouth or Verizon)
  • 3 States
  • 30% of ad revenue must be outside the main state

Click here now to request information about our National Yellow Page placement services.

If you are a small business that does not meet these criteria, click here to find out more about our consulting service for local placement. Our fees are typically less than half of what most clients save in the first year alone!

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