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Xxela Marketing Services, Inc.
Toll Free: 877-939-9352

Welcome to Xxela Marketing Services, Inc., your business advertising resource on the web!

Xxela specializes in a wide range of business marketing services including National Yellow Pages programs, directory advertising consulting for local advertisers, web site services, online marketing, Internet Yellow Pages, direct mail, brochures and multimedia solutions. The expertise we have developed in designing national White and Yellow Pages programs gives us an edge in developing successful web advertising strategies for your business. Xxela delivers complete turnkey service and requires zero client resources. The only client expense is the net cost of advertising after any publisher discounts are applied.

If you need a consistent White Pages presence, a cost-effective Yellow Pages program, online Yellow Pages, a targeted banner ad campaign that selectively reaches your customers or a program to build brand awareness, Xxela is the right partner. We invite you to contact us and see how our bright ideas and focus on quality service can benefit your business!